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Microsoft Solutions

Under Microsoft we have a vast array of products that combine together to give you the best solutions for your needs i.e. Windows 7 & 8 combined with Office 2012 can help you to have your Office Suite at the tips of your finger tips with products like Word 2012, Excel 2012, Power Point 2012 and Outlook 2012. In a multi-user environment it is a very beautiful tool for your company when it works with Windows 2012 Server and Exchange 2013.

Security & Anti Virus Products

Protecting & securing the information which is the currency of today’s global economy is a major concern. These are the products which provide protection from Viruses, spams, Spy wares, worms, trojans & hackers, Stops junk e-mails& Spam’s-based identity theft attacks, Blocks hackers & Cyber criminals..

Network Protection Software

Most of these products provide security & protection by: Real-time protection from poisoned-web-pages which pushes all the above bad elements. Firewall protection, Network Protection, System Tune-up etc.

Software development

We also build our own software according to the need of client. These include CRM, Accounting Software, Stock Management, Staff management etc.

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